Pet Tags


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Why your family will love it: not only do our tags come with their own unique designs and stories to match, you can add your pet’s name and your contact details too – making this product both practical and beautiful. 


Each LuckyLuck unique design comes with its own unique story.

Honey Dragons

It’s not every day you get to switch off, take a deep breath, and just look. Listen. Feel the magic of the world around you. The bees buzzing. The wind blowing. The birds chirping, and the cat purring. Life’s precious, as is your family.

Favourite Flowers

“Why are there so many different kinds of flowers?” Asked the cat. To which the human responded: “Well, why are you and I different?” The cat pondered, before slipping into the bush to bring her human a pretty blue flower to match her pretty blue eyes. “This one suits you. I’ll take the green one – don’t you think our differences are beautiful?”

A Ride Down Memory Lane

“Can we play outside?” Asked the dog. To which his human replied: “But it’s raining.” The dog wondered, then wandered off for a few moments. Shortly after, he returned with the umbrella and his raincoat. “Well, then what on Earth did you buy these for?”

Lilacs In Her Hair

The girl with the lilacs in her hair was lying in the tall grass, feeling the soft breeze on her freckled skin. Suddenly her newly adopted puppy bounced into view and gave her a slobbery lick across her face. ‘Oh Bentley, how did I ever get by without your love.’

Big Bug Adventure

Marvin the Mastiff bounded outside, sniffing every flower and shrub. “Hello”, he said to the black bug with the hard shell. “Hi there!” to the round, red bug with the black dots. “You are beautiful.” “So are you,” said the bug, “we all are.”

Watch this space for more designs to come.

Tag Patterns

A Ride Down Memory Lane, Big Bug Adventure, Favourite Flower, Honey Dragons, Lilacs In Her Hair