Travel safely with your four-legged family member

We are no longer at a stage where we have no choices in terms of pet-friendly holiday destinations. There have been many pet-friendly holiday spots popping up across South Africa.

It is important to note that if you are planning on travelling with your pet, you should make sure you have invested in gear that will help you travel comfortably and safely with your pet.

Here are a few items you can consider for travelling with your pet :

  • Water Dispensers – You get a number of different portable water dispensers from all over, these days. These are great for quick stops on the road or after long walks exploring with your best friend.
  • Travel Beds – Consider investing in one of our LuckyLuck Travel Beds. These beds are ideal to place down in the back of your car or to tuck in the boot for when you get to your destination. Popping to coffee shops, pet-friendly restaurants, beaches etc while on holiday? Keep your travel bed in your boot for any necessary occasion to give your dog the comfort they need while sipping away at their own puppachinos.
  • Calming Aids – Some pets get a bit anxious on long car drives especially. Consider a herbal calmer to help ease the stress. Chat to your vet about what they would suggest for this.
  • Portable Food & Water Bowls – You want your dog to feel at “home” when they are away from home. Ensure to pack their food and water bowls in along with their food. Many places sell travel accessories for pets including portable bowls which are great to keep in a pet travel bag.

Happy travelling!

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