Stay Calm And Groom On – Cat Grooming

It is very likely that your cat needs a little helping hand once or twice a week to get rid of that excess hair he/she hasn’t managed to get to. Your cat is its happiest when it is clean.

Here are some tips for you to consider : 

  • If you are bathing your cat :
    • Make sure that your cat’s nails are a little less sharp than normal – If you are uncomfortable trimming your cat’s claws, a travelling vet would definitely be able to assist.
    • Use a good pet hair brush to remove excess hair and dirt from their fur.
    • Would you like to bath in cold water? Neither does your cat – Lukewarm water is suggested here.
    • When getting soaped up, remember to keep the soap out of your cat’s eyes and ears.
    • Thoroughly wash off any excess soap.
    • Your cat may be getting anxious by now – Stay calm!
    • Once done, wrap your cat up in a warm towel.
    • Thank them for being so good by giving them a good love, and a treat if you have.
  • Are you a regular brusher or need more information on when to brush your cat?
    • Once or twice a week of brushing is a good frequency.
    • Take long, gentle strokes through your cat’s hair with the pet brush and you may just hear your cat start to purr.
  • General Grooming and Health:
    • It is important to know that your cat is healthy overall by ensuring that they are taken for regular check-ups at the vet where their teeth, eyes, ears, coat  and other health indicators are checked by an expert to ensure that they have no underlying conditions.

Good luck to you and your purr-bug 🙂

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