Measuring Your Dog for their New Collar

When purchasing an open-end collar that closes similar to a belt similar to ours, once you have a measurement of your dog’s neck round the measurement down to the nearest even-sized number. For instance, if your pet’s neck measures 480mm inches (snugly) you would order the large leather collar at 560mm in length.

Our metal buckle dog collars each have 4 sizing holes and are sized from the start of the buckle against the leather to the last hole on the right. The last hole to the buckle is the largest length provided, and the remaining holes allow the collar to shorten for a smaller, more snug fit. Please always ensure that there are at least 2 fingers fo space between your dog’s neck and their collar so that it is not on too tight.

Sizing chart below: 

When purchasing one of our two-tone adjustable leather collars, your dog’s measured neck size must fit within the collar’s adjustable length range.

Here are a few different methods for measuring your dog’s neck:

  • Measure your dog’s neck with a sewing tape.
  • Wrap a string around your dogs neck. Mark the string and then measure the length of it with a ruler or tape measure.
  • Remove your dog’s current collar and stretch it out flat. Then measure from the centre of the buckle to the current sizing hole or adjustment being used.

If the collar has a size range, we recommend choosing the size range where your measurement is close to the middle of the sizes so you have room to adjust up and down.

Still stumped? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further assistance.

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